Pink Pig Sketchbooks

pink pig sketchbookWhen I was a young, dewy eyed Illustration student, set a new brief to work on for the week, my first port of call was usually the University Art Shop in search of new materials to inspire and delight. No matter what medium I went in looking for, I would always inevitably be pulled towards the display of the spiral bound rainbow of sketchbooks in the
centre. It seems that the centre of this particular Universe, for me, was Pink Pig Sketchbooks. They were things of beauty- a spectrum of Thai tissue paper covers, and every week there seemed to appear a new colour or format that I didn’t yet have in my collection…it took all my very best efforts at willpower to walk out of the shop without a new one…more often than not I failed.

PigParcelsSince leaving Uni, I’ve sadly never found a local shop that sells Pink Pig Sketchbooks, but I recently found out that they sell online– yay!
Currently they are also offering the very marvelous ‘Pig Parcels‘- a lovely big box of a surprise assortment of their overstock sketchbooks (no seconds- these are properly perfect!) sold for £35 (no delivery charge for standard delivery) and saving you around 65% off retail price- nearly £100 worth of sketchbook loveliness for £35- hooray! Much like my Uni days, I succumbed to temptation and purchased one. Seeing as I had only just the previous pink pig sketchbook stashweekend, disposed of a rather large number of old, used sketchbooks in order to tidy our rather tiny terrace which is bursting at the seams with craft materials; I didn’t think my husband would particularly appreciate me bringing in a new hoard, so I had them delivered to work! -Hello, my name is Jenny and I’m a Pink Pig Sketchbook-a-holic. I’ve commandeered an empty locker at work for my sketchbook stash, and this is where they’ll stay until I can smuggle them home one by one!

Being such a dedicated obsessive, you can imagine my delight that Pink Pig Sketchbooks are very kindly sponsoring our IDEAS Birmingham Etsy Craft Party this weekend. They have generously donated some of their beautiful sketchbooks, along with some gorgeous papers for us to play with! So please do come along and join us for an afternoon of crafting, and why not treat yourself to a lovely cake, as we will be holding our event at Boston Tea Party, Corporation Street. You can book your tickets here.




  1. 16/06/2016 / 10:59

    I know at some point I will cave in and buy one of those pig parcels too. 😀

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