Member Profile – Team Leadership

Member Profile – Team Leadership – we’re going to start off this new feature by highlighting the people that work behind the scenes. So I’d like to introduce you to the Team Leadership – team members that take time out from their own Etsy businesses and family time to organise events and promote other creative businesses.

Meet our Leadership Team

This feature has been a long time coming as the Leadership Team are sociable but not “all-about-me”. So while we do understand the importance of promotion we aren’t quick to put our faces on things. But this year we managed to gather up photos so I hope you enjoy it.

Fussy Geek Wares & Daydreaming Dayz

Dayzee of Fussy Geek Wares
& Daydreaming Dayz

Dayzee makes cassette tape decorations, 8 Bit pendants, earrings and pins, bullet journal stickers and period positive pins and pads. She also creates packaging and branding for Etsy sellers and small businesses.

As the Team Captain she has fingers in pies, lots of pies and is partial to a cuppa with them.

You can find her geeky gifts at Fussy Geek Wares & her eco-friendly packaging at Daydreaming Dayz

Member Profile - Team Leadership - Jenny from Mythillogical

Jenny of Mythillogical

Jenny is the owner and creator of Birminghamster, an illustrated hamster that gets involved in Etsy Made Local whenever possible. She also creates the branding for the team events, a decision partly made due to the viral impact that her hamster David Bowie had on the greetings card market.

You can find her mythical gifts & creations at Mythillogical.

Member Profile - Rachel, Hobbz Designs

Rachel of Hobbz Designs

Rachel makes handmade character greetings cards, a collection of embroidered coastal bird gifts, original pen drawings, prints and lino prints as well as a few other treasures.

She looks after the new team members as she takes care of on-boarding along with other logistical and planning jobs. Chances are you’ll have spoken to her by Etsy message.

Her beautiful nature inspired products can be found at Hobbz Designs.

You from Blackbird Geranium

Yu of Blackbird Geranium

Yu makes handmade everyday items all using Liberty London fabrics, like cushions, bags, stationery, fabric jewellery and zero waste items!

She brings a wave of calm to our Instagram account to keep members and followers feeling calm and motivated.

You can find her beautiful fabric products at Blackbird Geranium.

Member Profile - Team Leadership, Lottie, Paper Ink Alchemy

Lottie of Paper Ink Alchemy

Lottie makes a wide range of papercuts, paper sculptures and watercolour and ink work. From bespoke portrait papercuts, to necklaces, and her favourite moon and moth ranges.

She drinks more tea than everyone put together and helps the team with logistics, planning and promotion along with late-night blog writing.

You can find her magical gifts at Paper Ink Alchemy.

Fait Par Moi

Rachel of Fait Par Moi

Rachel makes lampshades, lanterns and table lamps – often with a William Morris theme. She also takes custom orders in many shapes and sizes.

You may see more of her this year as she is helping with the Facebook promotion of The Etsy Market online. A task that we are very grateful to have help with.

You can find her illuminating products at Fait Par Moi.

Why Do Team Members Volunteer?

When you get a group of Etsy sellers together they tend to share great tips. As a result everyone involved gains knowledge in the process. So while we may become time-poor because of it – we can become more skill-rich from helping. In conclusion this creates a wonderful trade-off that benefits our business in the long run. We also enjoy the friendships we make and the support we gain as it’s not all about networking.

More Member Profiles To Follow

We hope you enjoyed this feature – our Member Profile – Team Leadership. During the next month we plan to feature more local designer makers and hope this leads to a greater understanding of what Etsy teams are about.

If you want to know more about the team take a look at this post.

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