Etsy Made Local 2018 – FAQs

The application for Etsy Made Local 2018 – Digbeth Birmingham is open from 1st July and the application deadline is Sunday 5th August 23.59pm.

We’ve compiled a list of FAQs to provide some practical information about the event, and make it easier for you to decide if our Etsy Made Local is the right event for you!


Q. When and where is the IDEAS Birmingham Etsy Made Local event?

A. Our market will take place over 2 days providing a different customer base on each day.

• Friday 30th Nov 2018 – 12pm-8pm
• Saturday 1st Dec 2018 – 11-5pm

The venue is The Market Hall, The Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Birmingham, B9 4AA.


Q. Do I need to bring a table with me?

A. A table is included in the cost of the space. If you sell clothes or similar, and would prefer to bring your own rail instead of having a table provided, you should indicate this on your application form.


Q. What size is the table?

A. The tables dimensions are as follows:

• 6ft x 2ft 6in Rectangular Wooden Trestle Table
• Size Imperial: L: 6ft – W: 2ft 6in – H: 2ft 6in
• Size Metric: L: 183cm – W: 76cm – H: 76cm


Q. Do I need to bring a table cloth?

A. You will need to bring a suitable table covering, as this is not provided. We suggest that this also covers the front and sides of your table so that you can hide extra stock etc. behind it. Please ensure any table coverings do not trail into walkways, causing a trip hazard.


Q. Do I need to bring a chair?

A. One chair is provided in the cost of your application.


Q. Can I request an additional chair?

A. Yes you can. You will need to indicate this on your application form. Each additional chair costs £3


Q. Can I bring my own extra table/shelves/pop up banner etc?

A. Any space required beyond the table and space behind for your chair must be requested at the point of application and will incur a charge of £10 per item. Requests for space retrospectively following a successful application may not be granted, as appropriate space may not be available.

Any stall holders bringing extra furniture/free standing signs etc which have not been authorised prior to the event will be asked to remove them for Health and Safety/Fire Safety reasons.


Q. Will there be access to electrical plug sockets for my stall?

A. There is limited access to plug sockets, so their use will be restricted to charging mobiles.


Q. Is there WiFi at the venue?

A. Yes. WiFi access details will be provided to all confirmed stallholders on the day.


Q. Can I park at the venue?

A. There is no parking on-site, but you will be able to load and unload at the venue via the rear entrance to the Market Hall on Floodgate Street only.

The entrance is opposite South & City College, Floodgate Street, Digbeth, B5 5SU.


Q. Where can I park?

A. This year we have been given permission to use the Zellig car park to load an unload from. They have requested that we do this outside of their core hours so this does not conflict with their tenants parking needs.  This means you will need to load in before 8.30am each day.  As we are able to use the door from the Zellig car park straight into the market hall it makes it easier to park there this year too. The car park is open from 7am – 10pm and costs £5.40 per day.

If this is too early for you you may be able to find free on-street parking nearby. This will be easier on Saturday but if you are there before 9am on Friday you may be able to find some a short walk away.  If you’d rather not have to drive round looking for a space you are advised to park your vehicle in Trinity Street Car Park on Heath Mill Lane (approx 200 metres away). It is Pay & Display and costs £6 for a day’s parking (12 hours).

Also- please be aware of the closing times of the car park that you choose to park in – you will need to allow a good amount of time after the designated event end time for serving any straggling customers,  packing up your stall and tidying your area. You will not be able to pack and leave before the designated end time except in case of emergency.


Q. Do I need a card reader for the event?

A. Some of our sellers choose to bring a reader for card payments, others choose to just take cash payments. You will need to consider whether having the option of card payments would be of benefit to your target market and for the price points of the products you are selling.


Q. Is there a cashpoint nearby?

A. The nearest cashpoint is at HS News, which is at the Custard Factory, but there may be a charge for this cashpoint. There is a free cashpoint outside Salt ‘n’ Pepper fish and chip shop, 88-89 Digbeth, B5 6DY (just past the O2 Institute)


Q. Are there places to buy refreshments nearby?

A. We will actually have a couple of food and drink vendors at our event this year, including cakes, coffee and street food.


The Custard Factory also has a number of places you can go for refreshments on site:


The Mockingbird


Chitty’s Cakes

And on Friday there will also be Digbeth Dining Club

The Old Crown Pub is also just around the corner


Q. What’s the temperature like at the venue?

A. The Market Hall is being refurbished, so we aren’t entirely sure what the temperature will be like inside this year. Previously we found that although the venue does have some heating, it is a large space, and could get chilly in the Winter months. We strongly suggest layered clothing to deal with all eventualities. The floor was concrete, so doubling up on thick socks, fleecy insoles or bringing a piece of cardboard to stand on to insulate against the cold were also a good idea if you got cold feet.


Q. What can I do to help make IDEAS Birmingham’s Etsy Made Local brilliant?

A. Thanks for asking!

These events really are about team effort, and they work best when everyone pitches in and helps out with whatever they can. Everyone can help by publicising the event on their own Social Media outlets. If you are happy to promote fellow stallholders who will be attending the event or share the promotional posts that the Team accounts will be publishing in the run up to the event, this would be extra fantastic.

The organisers of this event are all volunteers, so any practical help before the event or on the day, like admin or marketing help, setting up beforehand or clearing up afterwards is very welcome indeed. If you have family or friends who won’t be running a stall, but would love to lend a hand then there will be lots of other jobs like manning the information/mailing list sign-up desk, leafleting, offering a gift wrapping service and general fetching/carrying/tidying duties.

If you aren’t in a position to help, please have the courtesy to ensure that you remove any mess/waste left by your stall after the event, collapse your table and chair and leave in a suitable area before leaving the event. It is important that you do not pack up and leave the event before the official closing time – leaving early not only looks very unprofessional to any remaining visitors, but also has Health and Safety and Fire safety implications. If you must leave in an emergency, you must notify one of the Team Leaders before doing so.



If you feel like you would love to be involved in this event, you can pop along and complete our application form here: Etsy Made Local 2018 – Birmingham Digbeth Application

If you aren’t a member of the IDEAS Birmingham Etsy Team, you will need to apply here before completing the application form. To be eligible for a place on the team you must be an Etsy seller with an active Etsy shop and you must be based within Birmingham or a 40 mile radius of Birmingham.




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